Workshop Fixes & Improvements

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Today, we worked on Expedition Vehicle 2 in the workshop, to fix a few minor issues, as well as install the CB Radio.


First task was to fit a metal plate onto the roofrack system.

This metal plate had to have magnetic properties, to allow the CB Radio Antenna to magnetically attach itself.



Lucky for Neil, a “Santa Maria” kitchen noticeboard magnet plate was found at Byttebuå (swap-shop) at IVAR gjenvinningsstasjon Forus (Recycle Station) a few weeks ago, to serve this very purpose – free of charge.

All that was required, was 4 bolt holes drilled, and the plate bolt-mounted onto the roof rack, at the rear centre. This was conducted with realative ease.



Once completed, the CB Radio was then mounted inside the vehicle.



Due to space restrictions, the CB Radio had to be mounted vertically onto the rear wall of the centre console box.



Although this seems an unusual location choice, it does free up space in the front seats area, whilst still allowing easy access from both front and rear seats – which will prove useful once in the field.

It also provided easy accessability for the Antenna Cable to the rear drivers side door, which will act as the pathway for the cable to the outside and roofrack.

The CB Radio was then functionality tested.



More work may be conducted in the near future to make this fitting more elegant, but for now, the main task of installation is complete and the CB Radio in working order.


The next task was to install a dampener arm the rear tailgate door.

This was a relatively easy task to complete, and does add extra value, given that the heavy tailgate will now drop slowly and in control, rather than relying on the operator to take the weight of the tailgate door when opened.



Two annoying “squeek” noises (clutch pedal operation & rear leaf-spring suspension) were eliminated, after careful / generous application of WD40 – and a lot of patient trial-and-error testing, to find the actual cause of the noises.


Another final task was to test the fitting of the 35″ spare wheel from Expedition Vehicle 1 onto Expedition Vehicle 2, to ensure that the singular spare wheel we will be taking on our trip does fit both, without any issues – Test proved positive, so we will be in good shape.


Another good days progress at the workshop.



Also, during the wekend, Neil took apart a number of Laptops and Electric Devices, to salvage parts for future project work.

This recycling of parts, has become a theme of our expeditions, and proven very useful.



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