Wish List

Some Companies / Individuals may wish to assist us by supplying Equipment / Materiel which they make / build / generate, stock, or sell, rather than provide direct Financial Sponsorship.

We also proactively encourage this as an alternative means of Expedition Sponsorship & Support.

To help this situation, we are making public a “Wish List” below of some essential items we would really like to acquire as part of our Expedition Sponsorship / Donation requests (if at all possible).

The “Wish List” will constantly change, with items that have been acquired being removed, and new items identified added, as time progresses towards the actual Expedition Dates.

All Expedition Sponsors will of course be listed on our Acknowledgements page, whatever their scale of assistance, with their help / contribution identified and their company website / logos links active wherever possible.

Thanks a lot in advance for all your help and generous contributions…


ICE2017 Expedition Wish List

Expedition Vehicle Equipment
  • Tactyl Car Undercoating
  • Low Profile Roof Rack (Expedition Vehicle 1)
  • Arctic Trucks / Toyota Hilux Spare Parts
  • Icelandic Fuel Discount Cards
  • Spare Wheel / Tire
Communication Equipment
  • Satellite Phone (Emergency Phone)
  • Iceland GPS Maps Set
  • GPS / GIS Software Tools
  • SIM Card Subscriptions
  • Ipad / Tablet
Photography Equipment
  • GoPro Action Video Cameras / Accessories (for each Expedition Vehicle / Quadcopter Drone)
  • 64GB Micro SD Memory Cards (as many as possible….we will need a lot !!!)
  • Nikon Camera Equipment / Lenses (Used or New)
  • Camera Tripod
Expedition Food
  • Dried Expedition / Camping Food Sachet Packs (e.g. DryTech Sachets, etc.)
  • Individual Cup-Soups Packs
  • Pasta Packs
  • Flatbread Packs
  • Individual Portion Sachet / Boxes (e.g. Honey, Jam, Liver Pate, Mackerel, Ketchup, etc.)
  • Chocolate / Energy Bars
  • etc……..
General Equipment
  • Waterproofing Products for Clothing / Shoes / Tent (e.g. Nikwax Products)
  • Outdoor Clothing / Shoes / Equipment
  • Sweatshirts / T-Shirts / Sponsors Promotional Clothing
  • Sun-Cream / Personal Hygiene Products


Other Suggestions

We are also very open to other suggestions, should you have some good ideas or products that could prove useful during our Expedition,
or you would like us to try out on your behalf (Field Testing with Result Data & Report).

We really look forward hearing from you.