Wish List Updated

Over the last few months, we have been working hard in the first phase of Sponsorship and Support requests.

It’s been a difficult time to gain Sponsorship and Support, mainly due to the downturn in the local economy (especially here in Stavanger / Sandnes region, which relies heavily on Oil & Gas revenues).

However, we have had some nice and interesting success stories so far, and we look forward to gaining more Sponsors and Supporters as time progresses. We remain positively optimistic.

For those that have already helped us in some way, however large or small, we would like to say a very big THANK YOU.




One way that potential Sponsors or Supporters may consider helping us, is by reviewing what we have placed on our Wish List Page.

Here, we have listed items that we still need, but have not found any Sponsors or Supporters to provide as yet.

Please take a minute to review our Wish List.


If you are a company that can supply us samples (food, materiel, equipment, etc.), rather than actual products, we would still be very interested to hear from you. Every little helps.


All Sponsorship and Support Options are seriously considered.


We hope that by using the “Universal Law of Attraction” by telling folk what we wish to achieve, and what we need to bring this about, we will succeed in the end. Hopefully, our extensive network of work colleagues, friends and associates will help spread this message, gaining us a wider audience, thus increasing the chances for success.


We look forward hearing from you – Your help is highly appreciated.


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