Toyota Sørvest Promotion Stickers Received

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Today, we collected from Bilhuset, the promotional stickers from Toyota Sørvest AS.



A set of Silver Stickers for Expedition Vehicle 1, and a set of Red Stickers for Expedition Vehicle 2.



We will be mounting these logo stickers on both our Expedition Vehicles, and Expedition Transport Boxes n the next few days.


Toyota Sørvest AS recently became an ICE2017 Sponsor, providing promotional clothing & materials donations, as well as small financial donation.

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Toyota Sørvest AS is located in Forus, Sandnes, Norway, and forms part of the Bilhuset Car Dealership Group.


We would once again like to say a very big Thank You to Toyota Sørvest AS (especially Ståle Oftedal (CEO Toyota Sørvest) and Jan Trzos-Oftedal  (Sales Consultant))
for all their positive Sponsorship and Support – Its really great to have Toyota local dealership supporting us in this very positive way.

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