Still Proactively Seeking Sponsorship & Support

Time is really flying, and ICE2017 execution is now only ONE month away…


However, we are still proactively seeking Sponsorship and Support to help us achieve our goal.

We really do need your help.


If you are a Person / Individual / Group / Company / Organization that can assist us achieve our goals, we would really like to hear from you.
Please visit our Sponsorship & Donations page, where we describe how we would like to achieve a Win-Win scenario for all.

Wish List

Please also visit our Wish List page, where we list items that are still needed to complete our goal.
Maybe you can help us via this suggestion route.
Or offer alternative suggestions that are equally as useful.


We ensure that everyone who helps us is on our Acknowledgements page, as well as their Company / Organization logo
is mounted on both our website Home Page and Expedition Vehicles.


If you can help us in some small way, please Contact Us – We would love to hear from you.

Thank You for your consideration and generous contributions.



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