Still Laid-Off & Still Remaining Optimistic

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Its been almost 9 months now, since Neil was laid-off as a result of the downturn in the Oil & Gas Industry, resulting from depressed World Oil Price.

However, this period has been very useful and informative in so many different ways.

Neil wrote the LinkedIn Article “Laid-Off but Remaining Optimistic – “Who Moved My Cheese?“” to share his thoughts towards future options (see Blog Article: “ICE2015 Photo Used in Recent LinkedIn Article“), from which he has received a lot of positive feedback and comments.

The main lesson learned is to remain positive and optimistic, despite all the pitfalls, disappointments and hardships unemployment brings along with it.


LinkedIn Article


We continue to use the “Law of Attraction” principles to promote and share our dreams and wishes.

It really does work – the more folk you invite to share in your dream, the more they strive to help you in some small way or another to help you achieve your dream. Its magic….

I have to thank Bob Doyle for his continuous positive and encouraging articles, which help keep our spirits high, and our dreams focused.




We still have a long way to go before we set off for Iceland in Summer 2017.

If you would like to help us achieve our goals and dream, please fee free to Contact Us.

We are open to Sponsorship suggestions, and we have a Wish List of items we seek to acquire.

We also appreciate those who public Support us, by also displaying their logos and details.

Everyone that helps us is of course thanked on our Acknowledgments pages


We look forward hearing from you, and making you part of our story…

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