Ketil Ryssdal Thorsen

Ketil ThorsenKetil Ryssdal Thorsen is Norwegian, and comes from Stavanger, Norway.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Game and Media Programming from Høgskolen i Hedmark (HH) / Hedmark University College, and is currently studying a Bachelor degree in Nursing Education at UiS (University of Stavanger).

He has over 10 years experience as Army Medic, within the Norwegian Army (Heimevernet HV-08).

In his spare time he is a Course Instructor, Medical Aid / Rescuer & Ambulanse Driver for the Norwegian Red Cross, as well as Dog Trainer for Norwegian Search & Rescue Dogs.

His main expedition role would have been “Expedition Medic“, as well as one of the Expedition Vehicle Owner / Drivers.

Unfortunately, Ketil had to pull-out of the expedition in February 2017, due to educational studies workload and financial considerations.

He has not visited Iceland as yet.

(For more detailed profile, see his LinkedIn Profile)