We proactively seek Sponsorships and Donations towards the substantial costs / equipment needs for our Expedition.

What we are aiming to do, is utilize the “Universal Law of Attraction”, by letting as many people as possible know of our hopes, dreams and wishes for the Expedition, in the hope that we can significantly raise awareness via Social Networking and Business Networking, and hopefully stimulate Sponsorship / Donation options.

We have an Ambitious Plan, which we will strive very hard to achieve, but to do this we clearly need your help and generosity.

Our Motto: If you don’t try, you cannot succeed……


Company Sponsorship Deals

We are very open and quite flexible towards Company Sponsorship Deals and Options.

We offer the following interesting business opportunities for your consideration:

  • Company Logo / Website Address Stickers on all Expedition Vehicles
  • Utilize our Expedition Vehicles for Photographic Projects / Commercial Photo Opportunities
  • Field Test Equipment in Iceland
  • etc…

All Company Sponsorship Deals and Options will be warmly welcomed and seriously considered.


Expedition Vehicles – Company Logo Stickers

We offer a great business opportunity for increased Market Exposure of your company, by placing Company Logo / Website Address Stickers on all our highly visible Expedition Vehicles.

All Sponsors of the Expedition will have possibility for access to photographs and videos captured during the Expedition.

For Sponsors that have requested specific photographs displaying their products and logos within the field, there will be priority filming, to complete our sponsorship obligations.


Field Test Equipment

If you have any equipment you would like “Field Testing” in Iceland (e.g. Tracking Systems, GPS-GIS Systems, Scientific / Communication Equipment, Outdoor Equipment / Clothing, Outdoor Food Packs, etc.) we would really like to hear from you.

Neil, Gunnar & Ketil have classical scientific backgrounds and education, allowing us to conduct Experimental Testing, Data Gathering / Analysis and Project Report Writing.


Wish List

If you are a Company or Equipment Supplier that wish to assist us by supplying some of the items we have published on our “Wish List”, we would really like to hear from you.


Individual / Private Donations

Should anyone wish to personally / privately sponsor our Expedition, we would of course really like to hear from you too…