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Although Dreki Adventures are not strictly Sponsors (only Supporters) of ICE2017, we think they deserve a special mention here.

We have really appreciated all their open and friendly help, advice and support that Mike Herbert and Dreki Adventures have offered us, throughout both the preparation and execution phases.


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Above: Pete Herbert (left) and Mike Herbert (right), with their Dreki Adventures Toyota Hilux 6X6 – Awesome expedition vehicle…



It was also really great that both Mike and Pete Herbert chose to join us for a couple of days during our adventure.


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Day 21: Flúðir – Gullfoss – Geysir – Úthlíð

Day 22: Úthlíð – Laugarvatn – Úthlíð

Day 23: Úthlíð – Skagabrekkur – Kaldadalsvegur – Húsafell

Day 24: Húsafell – Langjökull – Hvammstangi

Day 28: Varmahlíð – Rest & Recover Day



Above: Mike Herbert providing Tuva her first lesson in tire pressure control.



Helping us reach locations which we would otherwise never know existed, or dared to attempt…



And for sharing a great final meal together after our joint adventures…



Also, for sharing this great drone video with us:



Crossing Arnarvatnheidi today… This is from one of the river crossings, film with tha dji mavic… =)

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We would like to once again thank both Mike Herbert and Pete Herbert, for all their help and support, which is highly appreciated.

Thank You.


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