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This is the fifth of many “Sponsor Features” that we will publish during our travels, where we say a personal thank you to our sponsors individually, and show how we are using their donated equipment / items on our travels.



The fifth Sponsor Feature in this series is Safilo Group (Polaroid) / Smith Optics.



Safilo Group (Polaroid) / Smith Optics sponsored ICE2015 with a number of high quality Polaroid sunglasses, which we are continuing to use on ICE2017.

These have proven to be especially useful when driving, due to the ever changing weather and light conditions in Iceland.



We always keep a pair of their sunglasses hanging in the windscreen area, for quick access when required.




And of course, we use them when out travelling – especially useful when exploring glaciers…



We have mounted their logo stickers on our Equipment Transport Boxes,



as well as both Expedition Vehicles (on both sides and back, as well as roof rack).




We would really like to say a very big Thank You to Safilo Group (Polaroid) / Smith Optics (especially Lena Alström – Safilo Nordic Sport, Stockholm, Sweden) for their positive support and equipment sponsorship.

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