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This is the second of many “Sponsor Features” that we will publish during our travels, where we say a personal thank you to our sponsors individually, and show how we are using their donated equipment / items on our travels.

The second Sponsor Feature in this series is GearJunkie.



The T-shirts and Hats have proven to be very popular, especially the hats, which are worn on an almost daily basis.



Above you can see the GearJunkie.logo sticker on Expedition Vehicle 1, as well as the T-Shirt and Hat worn by Tuva.



Above, Neil is wearing the hat whilst writing up the daily blog in the back cab area – GearJunkie.logo sticker can also be seen on equipment transport boxes.



Above you can see the GearJunkie.logo sticker on Expedition Vehicle 2.



Above & Below: Neil is wearing GearJunkie.hat whilst on glacier tour on Falljökull glacier tongue (Vatnajökull Glacier) with Glacier Guides.



In fact, one of the Glacier Guides (Bryony) at Skaftafell was so taken by the hat, that we gave her one.
Read More: Day 6: Skaftafell – Falljökull – Kirkjubæjarklaustur
So I assume she will continue to positively promote GearJunkie into the future on our behalf.



We would like to say a very big Thank You to GearJunkie (especially Stephen Regenold (Editor & Founder – GearJunkie) and Emily Reed (Digital Project Manager))
for all their positive help and Support.


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