Sponsor Feature – Fortress Clothing

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This is the Sixth of many “Sponsor Features” that we will publish during our travels, where we say a personal thank you to our sponsors individually, and show how we are using their donated equipment / items on our travels.



The Sixth Sponsor Feature in this series is Fortress Clothing


Sponsorship for this expedition is equipment donation based – Expedition clothing supplies.

Photo below shows sponsorship equipment received from Fortress Clothing.


The jackets have really proven their worth, keeping us nice and warm, especially during the colder parts of the day, such as early mornings and late evenings.



Whilst the equipment stuff bags, have proven extremely useful in keeping all our own personal kit in order, and well organised.



We have mounted their logo stickers on our Equipment Transport Boxes,



as well as both Expedition Vehicles (on both sides and back, as well as roof rack).



We would once again really like to say a very big Thank You to Fortress Clothing (especially Dale Lewis and Michelle Allred) for all their positive Sponsorship and Support.

It’s really great to have a specialist cold climate clothing company supporting us in this very positive way.

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