Sponsor Feature – Arctic Trucks (Iceland, Norway) & AT Experience

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This is the ninth of many “Sponsor Features” that we will publish during our travels, where we say a personal thank you to our sponsors individually, and show how we are using their donated equipment / items on our travels.



The ninth Sponsor Feature in this series is collectively “Arctic Trucks” (meaning: Arctic Trucks Norge, Arctic Trucks (Iceland) & Arctic Trucks Experience)

Sponsorship for this expedition is equipment donation based.



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Photos below shows us using “Arctic Trucks” logo merchandise: Hats, Beanies, T-Shirts, Sweatshirt & Trousers.



And of course, the real heros of the journey, the Expedition Vehicles themselves (including Dreki Adventures) which made the whole trip possible:



We would like to once again thank Arctic Tucks Iceland for their immediate help, when we needed it the most.



Special thanks once again to Brynja Ísfeld Eyjólfsdóttir of Arctic Trucks Experience, for all the Sponsorship items & Support, and for facilitating the “quick fix” when we needed help – really highly appreciated.

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We would once again like to say a very big Thank You to both Freyja Ágústsdóttir and Brynja Ísfeld Eyjólfsdóttir at Arctic Trucks Experience (Iceland)

and both Alexander Ferner and Børre Bratvold at Arctic Trucks Norge for all their positive help and generous sponsorship & support.


It’s really great to have “Arctic Trucks” supporting us in this very positive way.

We have not only enjoyed using their products in Iceland, but also look forward to using them on other exciting trips into the future.


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