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We have now downloaded many MP3 music / sound files, in preparation for use during our GoPro video editing and production in Iceland.


Having a music / sound library prepared ready, really helps us reduce time and stress, especially when conducting campsite video editing – which isn’t quite ideal conditions.


Having listened to these files before downloading, we also have a good idea where we can utilize each piece, with appropriate video footage,

(e.g. action video with fast action music, quiet landscapes with more calm / serene music, etc.)


If you are a music / sound artist, and would like to offer us “Royalty Free” use of your work, please feel free to Contact Us.

As long as it’s gratis to use, and fits our video style, we will consider using it as part of our adventure video production.

And we will of course credit your music in the video details / information.



We hope you will watch our released videos via our YouTube Circumnavigators Channel.

Click the YouTube link button at the bottom of our Home Page (see below), to direct you to our YouTube Circumnavigators Channel.



Pease Subscribe to our YouTube Circumnavigators Channel, so that you don’t miss anything, and take a few minutes to see what we have already produced and released there

(there are videos from our previous ICE2015 Iceland adventure, plus more recent Dreki Adventures Iceland Adventures, and other interesting events).


We look forward to your feedback as we publish and release our ICE2017 videos.


Thanks for watching.


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