Self Educate via LinkedIn Learning / Lynda

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During the last 12 months (December 2015 – Present), Neil has been laid-off / unemployed (registered job-seeker with NAV).

During this period, Neil has been looking into effective ways to keep self education and improvement, as a key activity during his “free time” whilst not working.


One highly effective way he has achieved this, is through utilizing the extensive e-learning courses library, via LinkedIn Learning (available via LinkedIn Premium Membership).

Many of these e-learning courses have had direct positive implications towards improving ICE2017, especially along the lines of Time & Resource Planning, Website Design & Blog Management, Online Marketing, Press Releases, Effective Business Management, etc.

If you are also interested in self education, we strongly advise you to take a serious look at LinkedIn Learning (
It’s a very effective way of filling educational gaps in your CV, and may lead to future career development options.

Clearly, this is what Neil hopes to achieve (having already completed 69 of these courses to date), and wishes to openly share this Top Tip with you.


Good Luck, and enjoy the courses….



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