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With an increasingly uncertain job security / future ahead for Neil, given that his lay-off period from Proactima is about to expire within the next few days,
Neil has increased his focus towards generating more private sales via, to raise badly needed money to fulfil the ICE2017 budget requirements.



Neil still receives a steady flow of sales of his personal items via, but this needs to be significantly improved somehow…
especially if we are to keep within our original budget framework.



If you would like to find out what Neil has on offer for sale right now on, click the link below:
Neils items for sale on

A lot of items that he has for sale, are retro / vintage / antiques – selling off his private collection.
There are quite a few cool items and nice bargains there, for the discerning collector, and offers are considered for multiple purchase.

Why not take a look, and see if there is anything there that you might interest you, to have in your home / hytte.

Good Luck…



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