Risks & Perspectives

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Today, we are increasingly aware of Risk, in every action we take.

As a former HSEQ Quality Advisor in the Oil & Gas industry, this was part of Neil‘s daily operational routine – Risk Management / Process-Orientated Management Systems.


However, we really do need to keep all this “risk” mind-set in perspective, and simply remember that living life is a risky business.


We should all live a life of risk to some degree, in order to get the most from it.

Not irresponsible risk, of being willingly unprepared or dangerous, but rather the risk of sacrificing conveniences of our daily “safe” lives, allowing us to experience something new, completely wonderful and extraordinary.

Today, we are unfortunately becoming more and more creatures of habit and comfort.

Taking the first steps into the unknown requires us to meet our anxieties and fears head-on, embrace and overcome them, leave them behind, and step forward into the new adventure.


Of course, we have strived to reduce the overall risk for ICE2017, and utilized lessons learned from ICE2015.

Hopefully, our adventure will pass without any major incident or event.


Life is a gift that shouldn’t be wasted on meaningless expectations and imaginary standards that has come to plague our everyday moden-digital lifestyles, through our addiction to social media.

Bring on the unknown, dare to be different, face new challenges.


We dedicate this website / blog to the “Wild Dreamer” and “Curious Wanderer” inside all of you.

May you find the strength to take the risk, and set them free…..get out there – begin exploring.



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