Recycle & Repurpose Philosophy

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Wherever possible, we have made a great effort to Restore, Recycle & Reuse / Repurpose equipment towards our expedition, rather than just go out and buy everything new from scratch.

This decision was based not only on sound economic constraints, given our limit personal budgets, but also the fact that we are firm believers in the Recycle / Reuse / Repurpose philosophy.


We have proactively used charity shops within our local Sandnes-Stavanger region, and within the UK when visiting, to pick up many recyclable bargains, whilst at the same time financially supporting these worthy charitable organisations, such as Fretex (Norwegian Salvation Army) and NMS Gjenbrukt (Norwegian Mission Society) in Norway, as well as BHF (British Heart Foundation) Cancer Research, Salvation Army, Oxfam, Save the Children, etc. in the UK.


We have also bought a lot of “hardly used” / “almost new” / “excellent condition” equipment online via and ebay, as well as from “Cash Converters” pawnbroker shops in the UK – allowing us to buy selected items of equipment, at a fraction of the original retail costs.

All equipment purchased in this way proved to be excellent quality, with no issues or regrets.


In circumstances where we had to buy new equipment, we tired our best (wherever possible) to strike a discount bargain with the supplier, and in some case this discount offer warranted their inclusion as Expedition Sponsors.


In this day and age, we believe a lot more proactive effort should be made towards the Recycle / Reuse / Repurpose philosophy – every little step helps.


If you have any equipment you would like to consider donating towards our expedition for reuse, feel free to Contact Us

You can also become an Expedition Sponsor in this way…Please help us if you can.


Thank You for your consideration.

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