Quadcopter Test Flights Continue

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Over the weekend, Gunnar conducted a number of Test Flights of the Expedition Quadcopter in Sirdal.




A number Test Flight Modes were conducted, include:

  • Follow Me (Various Settings)
  • Sports Setting
  • Pre-Set Automatic Route Flying – Waypoint Circuits
  • Manual Override of Pre-Set Automatic Flight
  • Vertical Takeoff / Soft – Controlled Landings
  • Vehicle Proximity Flying
  • Battery Use and Efficiency Testing
  • General Equipment Use…


Below we can see the Expedition Quadcopter hovering just about Expedition Vehicle 2, as a test to see how close we can bring safely bring these vehicles together.



As always, we kept a close eye on the Expedition Quadcopter, as each Test Flight was safely conducted.




These Test Flights will continue, as we continuously improve the Expedition Quadcopter performance capabilities.


For more detailed information about our Expedition Quadcopter, read the Expedition Quadcopter page, under Projects.


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