Productive Weekend Preparation

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This weekend, we have been busy working on the “to do” list of final preparations for our trip.



Above, we can see both Expedition Vehicles side-by-side, undergoing tasks – Gunnar removing Front Runner Roof-Rack Holding Bars.


Here are a few of the key tasks we have achieved:

  • CB Radio and Antenna now tuned and ready for use in Expedition Vehicle 2
  • Front Runner Roof-Rack System and Rear Cab Roof Bars removed from Expedition Vehicle 2 – due to Height Restrictions on Ferries
  • Winch System plugged-in and checked for working order
  • More Sponsor / Supporter logo stickers mounted on both Expedition Vehicles & Transportation Boxes
  • More Packing of Food, Equipment and Supplies
  • Fine Tuning of Agenda Planning



The living room is starting to look more and more like Everest Base Camp, with Expedition Boxes, Backpacks, Kit Bags, Roof Racks, GoPro Gear, Logo Stickers, etc. everywhere.

The Dogs are finding it interesting – loads of new items to check-out and explore…




It’s been a busy and productive weekend, which has helped shorten the “to do” list before we leave.

Another busy week lies ahead…………

Hopefully we can complete most of the remaining tasks, so that we are fully prepared, with a couple of weeks “spare” – just in case…….



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