Preparation for Wilderness Tire Repair

One question we are commonly asked is: Do you take a spare wheel with you, and how will you cope if you have a tire puncture in the middle of nowhere ?


During ICE2015, we took one spare wheel between 2 Expedition Vehicles – one wheel which fit both Vehicles, thus cutting down on weight, whilst offering insurance back-up.

Photos below shows Expedition Vehicle 2 carrying Spare Wheel on Front Runner Roof-Rack System.




If we are unfortunate enough to have more than one tire punctured at the same time, then we can use the Arctic Trucks Tire Repair Kit, which we constantly have available in both Expedition Vehicles.



The following Overland Bound Boot Camp Instructional Video “How To: Off-Road Trail Tire Repair” shows how to conduct a field-repair of a punctured tire.



Hopefully, we won’t have to try this out in the field, and we will have a trouble-free trip – same as for ICE2105.

But we are prepared and ready………..

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