Path Less Taken

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Personal Perspective on ICE2017, by Neil.


For me, one of the “hidden” pleasures of exploration has always been the uncertainty of the outcome – even the best laid preparations & plans can (and usually do…) change.


Today, most holiday package deals are generally “safe” and somewhat “predictable” – mainly involving “All Inclusive” deals, with everything provided, without too much thought or interaction.  Which is good, when all you need is to just relax and chill-out.

However, these events typically don’t present any new or interesting challenges or learning experiences.


What ICE215 initiated, and ICE2017 has continued to build upon, is the need to learn new, interesting and exciting skills, as well as increase our knowledge of nature, culture and technology.


I can really relate to this old Chines Proverb:

Tell me, and I forget.

Show me, and I may remember.

Involve me, and l will understand.


By getting involved in so many discipline areas, to make ICE2017 work, has been a great learning experience.

By getting our kids also involved in the process, is helping build their character, and teaching them knowledge and skill sets that normal school curriculum does not provide.



All in all, we prefer to take the “Path Less Taken” and hope to “Never Stop Exploring“…


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