Packing Begins

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Now that all our expedition and outdoor equipment has been brought out of storage, the cleaning, checking and packing process begins.

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Before leaving on such a long road trip  / overlanding adventure / expedition, it is vital that all equipment taken, is cleaned, checked, verified and packed carefully, logically and safely.


Each piece of equipment is individually examined, functionality checked, verified, and packed, in a logical sequence.

During this process, an Excel Spreadsheet is used to keep inventory of all that is packed, so that we are fully aware of everything available on the trip.

This spreadsheet also helps us identify what is missing or requires further attention, as we continue the packing process.

Most of our equipment and supplies are stored into large Expedition Transport Boxes, which are solid, waterproof and stackable.

This makes them ideal for loading / unloading from the back of the pickup – both at campsites, and in case of emergencies.



These Expedition Transportation Boxes have now acquired Sponsor Logos, as well as a nice “used in the field” set of scratches and bumps, from use during ICE2015 and other events.



Our Clothing and personal items are packing in North Face Base Camp bags, which are ideal, due to their strong, waterproof, durable, rugged form.


Both the North Face bags and Equipment Transportation Boxes were acquired during our previous Iceland expedition ICE2015.

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Within our North Face bags, we will be using compression sacks supplied by our Sponsor Fortress Clothing, to keep our individual bags organized.

(see blog articles: New Expedition Sponsor – Fortress Clothing / Additional Sponsorship Material – Fortress Clothing)

Its going to be “busy” for the next few weeks, until we finalize our packing……







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