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ONS2016 (Offshore North Sea) proved to be not only a very useful meeting and networking environment (see blog article: ONS Provides Excellent Networking Opportunity), but also a great place to receive some very useful giveaway marketing items from various companies and organisations.

Below are a few examples of nice / useful pieces of kit we received free / gratis towards ICE2017.


Thanks a lot goes to Guillaume Jacquet (Sale Manager – SenseFly) for the set of “Remove Before Flight” safety tags, for use on our Expedition Quadcopter Drones – These Safety Tags are very useful, and will be used during field operations.



Thanks a lot to VNG Norge, for the Thermo Jack (portable thermometer – hydrometer for mobile phones) which will prove useful when recharging our mobile devices in the field (ensure safe charging, without danger of overheating and potential fire damage). A very useful and helpful giveaway.


Thanks a lot goes to Gro Lende (Marketing Coordinator – SAR) for the very useful multifunctional IT pen – for use with touchscreens / tablets, as well as having a bright spot-light, and of course writing pen functionality – really useful multifunctional item to have in the field, especially when writing up notes and reports in Expedition Vehicles and Campsite Tents.


Thanks a lot to John Dahle Skipshandel, for the very useful Glow Sticks / Safety Lightsticks. These are really great backup light sources, when your headlamp / torch batteries begin to fade, or when you need additional light whilst working under exploration vehicles on field maintenance and inspections. Really useful items to have onboard each Exploration Vehicle.


Thanks a lot goes to Standard.no for their really useful / strong high quality bag. It’s not only a useful size to have in the field for carrying materials and equipment, but also folds away into its own very neat zipper pocket, that acts as the base / foot of the bag. Extremely useful piece of kit.



We also received other more substantial pieces of equipment / kit, as initiators towards Sponsorship Options whilst at ONS, which was really fantastic. These will be revealed and discussed in more / individual detail in the near future, once the Sponsorship Options have been finalised – watch this space…


Given the fact that Neil is currently out of work / laid-off, equipment budget / funds for ICE2017 are somewhat reduced from our previous ICE2015 expedition. Therefore, these quality giveaways are gratefully received.


If you, or your company / organization, have any useful giveaways / marketing items that you would like to offer us for use on ICE2017, we would really like to hear from you – please Contact Us.


All companies / organisations and individuals thanked in this blog article, are also listed on our Acknowledgements page.


Never forget to say Thank You.


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