Only Two Weeks To Go !!!!!

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Our epic adventure is getting nearer and nearer…..


It’s been another very busy week, with a lot achieved in the limited time available.
Thanks goes to everyone that has helped us achieve this result.


We still have some jobs to complete, but we are now confidently within schedule, with just the last packing tasks and few minor fixes to perform.


We are still hoping to find some “last minute” Expedition Sponsors and Expedition Supporters,
especially for the items we still have remaining on our Wish List, as our Expedition Budget is essentially used-up !!!


We are also still hoping for some “last minute” Finn sales, to help boost our Fuel Budget.
See Blog Article: Continuous Fund Raising Via


If you would like to help us out and become part of our expedition story, please Contact Us – we look forward hearing from you.


The next 2 weeks we still have a lot on the schedule, but we are confident we will achieve all.
We will keep you posted via the usual regular Blog News Articles.


Thanks a lot for all your help and support – really highly appreciated.

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