New Waterproof Expedition Quadcopter Planned

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ICE2017 Team are currently reviewing options to build a second Expedition Quadcopter drone – this second one to be built with a waterproof / watertight housing, that will allow for both wet weather flying, and wet condition landings (whether by design or accident…).

The major difference with this second expedition quadcopter drone, is that all electronics and wiring will be essentially sealed within a water tight housing or shell, thus allowing the drone to operate in different and potentially more demanding weather conditions.

We are also looking at safety options, should this second expedition quadcopter drone unfortunately land on water – seeking automatically inflatable “life-vest” ideas / options, etc.

We hope to operate this drone over water zones, such as sea cliffs, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, icebergs, etc.


Below is a nice example from Aquacopter, of a waterproof quadcopter drone:



Gunnar is currently looking into the specs and requirements to build this second expedition quadcopter drone.

Technical suggestions and advice are warmly received.


To reduce costs, we are proactively seeking sponsorship donations of parts.


If you are a company that can help us realise this dream, we certainly look forward hearing from you.

Please review our Sponsorship & Donations page.



Thanks a lot in advance for all your help.

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