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Last weekend, we had the privilege to meet Mike Herbert (Joint Owner & Chief Executive Officer of Dreki Adventures), to share and discuss our common Arctic Trucks and Iceland Expeditions experiences.

Mike is a seasoned Iceland Explorer and Arctic Trucks driver, who lives locally in the Stavanger Region.



He was the first person in the world to own a road legal 6×6 Arctic Truck with 44” modification (photo below – awesome and totally perfect Iceland personalised number plate: 6 x 6 ), and has also taken part on Arctic Trucks expedition to Antarctica.




Dreki Adventures is co-owned by Mike Herbert (CEO), Arild Moland & Odd Joar Moen. Their focus is on the Arctic regions, with special emphasis on Iceland, a unique place in the world which combines Ice and Fire to create raw and dramatic scenery. They offer customised unique adventurous experiences, focussing on the special nature of Iceland – Extreme Arctic travel by special expedition vehicles, capable of traveling in deep snow and across ice-caps, and the normally inaccessible places.




Dreki Adventures have both a website and Facebook page, which are both well worth a visit – especially for the photo and video libraries they openly share – Outstanding…




It was really great to meet Mike, and to find out more about his adventure company, experiences, and to share our dreams and wishes.

We are thankful for his open, friendly and candid advice – extremely useful.

We look forward building our contact and relationship with Mike Herbert and Dreki Adventures.

Its really great to have their Support – Thank You (see Acknowledgements page).


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