New Expedition Supporter – Magnus H. Tellmann

We are pleased to announce Magnus H. Tellmann, as the latest person to become an ICE2017 Expedition Supporter.



Magnus, is a relative of Anja (on her fathers (Præsttun) side of the family), and is happy to offer his extensive music compositions for use during our GoPro video / YouTube editing & publication.

He is a young 25 year old Norwegian artist and music composer, from Bergen area, Norway.



The music he composes can best be described as “orchestral or epic music”, which is ideal for videos, feature films, computer gaming, etc..

Below are links to his SoundCloud, Bandcamp and YouTube profiles, which are all well worth a visit.


Magnus Tellmann SoundCloud Account:


Magnus Tellmann Bandcamp Account:


Magnus Tellmann YouTube Profile:


His music is also part of “The Prime Cronos


Here is a “taste” of what his music is like – Hope you like them as much as we do.
We think they are excellent, and should be used a lot more in commercial films and videos….





We will be downloading a lot of his music (MP3 files) before we leave for Iceland, so that they are readily available on our systems, during the campsite GoPro video editing process in Iceland.

See Blog Article: Sound Library Preparation



We will of course be crediting Magnus, on each video that we release, where we have used his music as part of the composition.

We hope you like our ICE2017 videos, once released.

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We have added Magnus H. Tellmann to our Acknowledgements Page.

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