New Expedition Sponsor – Robowsky Scandinavia

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Robowsky Scandinavia is the latest Company to become an ICE2017 Expedition Sponsor.

Sponsorship for this expedition is equipment / supplies donation based.


Robowsky Scandinavia offers a range of unique, modern, multifunctional and stylish Pet Furniture, to fit the modern European & Scandinavian Home.

This contemporary and stylish Pet Furniture, not only meets their needs for well-being and comfort in the modern home, but also offers high quality matrasses, that don’t distort in shape after your pet (cat or dog) has been laying on it (as most cheaper pet beds unfortunately do…)

The foundation of their design is the same as their core values: Aesthetics, Functionality, Durability and Quality.

Rowbosky Dog BedRobowsky Dog CubeRobowsky Window ShelfRobowsky Pet Food Bowl

As Dog Owners, Neil and Anja have Robowsky Dog Beds for their 2 Eurasier Dogs (Mishka and Nicky).

We believe they are great products, and we are keen to help promote these Croatian Quality Products into both Norway and throughout Scandinavia.

As Mishka & Nicky clearly demonstrate below, that these beds are really comfortable….

Mishka & Nicky


We will be decorating our Expedition Vehicles with sponsor company logos in the near future, once we have completed all our mechanical fixes & upgrades on both cars, and received all the logo stickers requested.

We would once again really like to say a very big Thank You to Robowsky Scandinavia (and especially Milka Tesla – Robowsky Scandinavia) for all their positive Sponsorship and Support.

Its really great to have another locally based company supporting us in this very positive way.

We have added Robowsky Scandinavia to our Acknowledgements Page.

Robowsky Logo

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