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Fortress Clothing is the latest company to become an ICE2017 Expedition Sponsor.

This Sponsorship success, was a direct result of the wonderful Support the US Department of Commerce / International Trade Administration (ITA) / Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) – especially Mary Lynn Landgraf (Senior International Trade Specialist), gave us at ONS2016 (Offshore North Sea) – See blog articles:


Sponsorship for this expedition is equipment donation based – Expedition clothing supplies.

Photo below shows Fortress Clothing equipment donated at the close of ONS2016.



Fortress Clothing offers specialist cold climate outdoor clothing and gear, to both industry and outdoor activities. They are based in Mount Pleasant, Utah, USA.

Fortress is a super light weight “base” or “mid-layer” cold weather garment, that is designed to keep you warm – even when wet. It is designed to be worn as a mid-layer garment (i.e. underwear / Fortress, mid-layer garment / outer shell appropriate for the conditions – typically NOT an insulated coat).

Its unique moisture management system keeps you warm and dry, without the weight or added bulk. It maintains your personal environment, allowing you to stay warm, even when other clothing systems fail, and unlike any other garment, you remain WARM even when WET.

Water (sweat) is a common reason why you get cold, when working outside. Fortress specialist clothing does not hold on to water, or the perspiration your body puts out. Through the laws of physics, it moves (pushes) it away from your body to the outside air, to keep you dry and warm. Most other insulation materials don’t breath and hold on to your perspiration, allowing it to build up, adding a layer of moisture against you – which decreases your ability to stay warm (Water is 25 times more conductive than air).

Fortress Clothing insulation material (Aeris Inside) does not allow moisture to build up.
In fact, it repels it.

Video below clearly demonstrates the unique effect this clothing material, and how suitable it is for expedition use.



The outer material is windproof, but not waterproof. Some outer materials claim a “waterproof / breathable” feature. This can be misleading, due to the fact that such fabrics can be overwhelmed. These garments are typically 100% Waterproof and only 15% breathable.

However, once overwhelmed, they start to develop a “build-up of moisture”, which causes body heart loss. Fortress clothing does not do this, staying warm through a wide comfort temperature range, unlike other garments that get uncomfortable outside of their narrow comfort range.



We will be decorating our Expedition Vehicles with sponsor company logos in the near future, once we have completed all our mechanical fixes & upgrades on both cars, and received all logo stickers requested.

We would once again really like to say a very big Thank You to Fortress Clothing (especially Dale Lewis and Michelle Allred) for all their positive Sponsorship and Support.

Its really great to have a specialist cold climate clothing company supporting us in this very positive way.

We not only look forward to using this specialist equipment in Iceland, but also on other exciting trips in the future.


We have added Dale Lewis and Michelle Allred (Fortress Clothing) to our Acknowledgements Page.



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