Neil Re-establishes Contact with Icelandic Relatives

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Over the last few weeks, Neil has been re-establishing contact with his Icelandic relatives in Reykjavík.


We are planning to meet as many of Neil’s “Icelandic Family” as possible, evening 18 July in Reykjavík – the day Anja arrives in Iceland.


During ICE2015, we were only able to meet up with David Hemstock, due to the rest of the Icelandic Family unfortunately being away on Summer Holiday.

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Below are a couple of photos from our dinner meeting with David – It was really great to meet with him.



Neil originally established contact with his Icelandic relatives in 1979, when at the age of 16, he travelled alone to Iceland for one month, to track them down and visit their homes.
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Below – Local South Yorkshire Newspaper clip, about Neil’s first trip to Iceland in 1979 (interesting read) – That was an really epic trip…..



We hope to meet up more of Neil’s family members this time around, and to catch-up with family news and events.

Day 18 Blog Article should be very interesting….

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