Logo Sticker Mounting Begins

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Today, we began mounting logo stickers from our Sponsors and Supporters onto both Expedition Vehicles.



It’s a slow process, which requires cleaning, patience, accuracy and care.



We will continue this process over the next few days / weeks – due to waiting on some logo sticker to still be delivered.



Both Expedition Vehicles are starting to look cool, and will certainly look the part, by the time we have completed this process.



Once all Sponsor & Supporter logo stickers are mounted, we will publish a final set of photos showing the end result.


Thanks a lot to all our Sponsors and Supporters, who are helping us achieve our goal – we really appreciate your help.

See: Acknowledgement Page.

We hope to proactively and positively promote your company / organization throughout our expedition, and will refer all interested parties and enquiries to your websites.


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