Katla Volcano – More Powerful Earthquakes

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Iceland Magazine Article: Giant volcano Katla hit with a powerful 4.3 magnitude earthquake



Yesterday afternoon, a powerful 4.2 magnitude earthquake was detected in the centre of the Katla caldera.

The powerful earthquake which hit the subglacial volcano, was followed by a second 3.0 magnitude earthquake one minute later,
and a dozen smaller quakes, according to IMO (Icelandic Meteorological Office): Iceland Earthquakes last 48 Hours.


Mýrdalsjökull 26.1.17

Figure: Mýrdalsjökull Earthquakes in past 48 hours: January 26, 2017. Photo/IMO


Yesterdays powerful earthquakes, follows a wave of activity in the past couple of weeks.
On Monday and Tuesday, the volcano registered several large earthquakes, following a wave of activity at the beginning of January 2017.


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Katla, which is hidden beneath Mýrdalsjökull glacier, competes with the giant volcano Bárðarbunga, located beneath Vatnajökull glacier, for the title of Iceland’s most powerful and dangerous volcano. It is one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes, and whilst it is somewhat less powerful than Bárðarbunga, an eruption in Katla could pose greater threats to civilians, not least due to glacial flooding caused by a sub-glacial volcanic eruption, but also the challenges posed by the ash cloud generated by such an eruption.


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According to IMO (Icelandic Meteorological Office) there are no signs of increased volcanic activity.
The volcano is under constant close supervision, as the volcano has erupted regularly, every 60-80 years.
The last eruption took place in 1918, making Katla long overdue for an eruption.



Potential Consequences:

ICE2017 Team continues to keep a close eye on developments of these recent activity, as it may influence our planning for this years adventure.
Maybe we will have the opportunity to experience a live volcanic eruption.

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