Job Loss for Neil

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Today, Neil was officially informed that his job with Proactima has been terminated, with 3 months effective notice.


This comes after 13 months lay-off period (12 months + holidays), during which Neil has been hoping that contractual work would return, and his employment be resumed.

Unfortunately, the Oil & Gas business in Norway (as with the rest of the world) has not recovered sufficiently, with new contracts and jobs not being recreated as fast as everyone hoped.

Neil received the standard 3 months notification, after which, he will no longer be part of the company.


This is a sad day.


Hopefully, this will not significantly affect our ICE2017 plans, although the budget may well have to be revised / downsized in order to save costs,
now that Neil will have a significantly reduced income (only unemployment Social Security).


Neil is currently seeking new job / career opportunities OR Start-Up Business Ideas / Partners in the Sandnes / Stavanger region, Norway,
and hopes that he will return back to full time employment in the near future.



If you know of anyone, or you are someone, that could potentially use / employ Neil in their company / team, either as a contractor or full-time employee,
or has a good business Idea / proposal, please feel free to contact him.

Neil’s LinkedIn Profile:

Thanks a lot in advance for all your help.

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