Internet Connectivity is clearly a very important issue for our expedition.

Not only does the internet allow us to see weather forecasts, road conditions, volcano / earthquake bulletins, river crossing updates, campsite contact details, ferry crossing updates, etc., but also allows us to conduct our daily News Blog updates, keeping all our Sponsors, Supporters and Followers up-to-date with our activities and whereabouts, as well as read and respond to emails and social media updates.

Therefore, we have been working on improving our Internet Connectivity options, learning from issues and mistakes encountered during ICE2015.



During ICE2015, we clearly realised the need to ensure good internet connection, at least once a day, typically in the evening at next campsite,
whereby we could write and publish our Daily Blog Article, as well as review weather forecasts and other vital information, for the forthcoming days ahead.



Although generally speaking, internet access was commonly available throughout Iceland, the range of signal quality and stability was somewhat variable, and not always as reliable as desired.



Therefore, we decided to take along our own WiFi system on ICE2017, to ensure 24/7 internet connectivity, and remove the reliance upon unreliable sources (e.g. campsites, local shops, B&B services, etc.).

Consequently, a Ubiquiti Bullet M5 WiFi system has been installed in Exploration Vehicle 1, to provide internet services for the expedition.



The WiFi range and sensitivity was field tested in Sirdal during Easter 2017 (see blog article: Agenda Planning & Equipment Field Testing).

As long as both expedition vehicles stayed within reasonable distance / range with each other (e.g. 5 second driving gap) WiFi signal was maintained,
allowing both vehicles to benefit from constant internet access, whist on the road.

At campsite locations, our tents are typically pitched adjacent to the Expedition Vehicles, thus providing strong reliable signal.



The WiFi signal is enhanced by a 15dbi antenna mounted on a roof rack bar, along with the CB (Citizen Band) Radio communication aerial (centre).

Having our own independent internet connectivity will make a great and positive difference to our expedition and experience.