Instagram Address Library Generated

Today, Neil generated an Excel Spreadsheet Table, listing Instagram#” addresses, covering key areas, locations, activities and events, we will most probably encounter during ICE2017.



This will simply act as a quick look-up reference table for ICE2017 Team, to remind us of some of the most popular “#” address,
in an attempt to not accidently forget or simply overlook the obvious, when submitting material from our campsite locations.

A good example (below), is #skogafoss – A waterfall we definitely be visiting during Day 7 of our Agenda.



Useful preparations ahead of time….


If you are interested in viewing this listing, you can find a link to them via our Inspirational Material Page,

or go directly to Instagram # Addresses sub-page.


Follow-us (ICE2017) on our Instagram Account “@circumnavigators” as we start to populate the account when we begin our journey.




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