Icelandic Lava Show

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Iceland Magazine Article: Watch: Real melted lava poured on to a block of ice!
An Icelandic start-up company is hoping to receive enough funding, to set up a unique lava show in Reykjavík.

The Icelandic Lava Show is the brainchild of husband and wife Júlíus Ingi Jónsson and Ragnhildur Ágústsdóttir, and will feature a real lava flow.

Icelandic News Website Nútíminn (click to play video) paid the couple a visit and filmed their experiments


American art professor and lava expert Robert Wysocki will assist the couple with producing the impressive lava flow, which will include 500 kg (1,102 lbs) of melted lava flowing over a large block of ice.

“This is real lava, there is nothing else in it. It’s similar to what flows both in Iceland and Hawaii. The problem with going to see real lava is how dangerous it is, and usually in the middle of nowhere. At the Icelandic Lava Show you’ll be within metres of it, you will be able to feel the heat of it! I think it will be amazing,” Robert told Nútíminn.



If the Icelandic Lava Show is up and running by the time we visit Iceland next summer, the ICE2017 Team hopes to witness this show in person – would be really cool to see how ice and flowing lava interact.


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