Iceland Road Conditions

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Todays review of Iceland road conditions is very interesting.

There are quite a few roads already fully “green” and thereby “open”, and it is to be hoped that most / all of the roads we expect to utilize during our trip are freely open and passable by the time we arrive.


The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) is responsible for about 13,000 km of main roads and countryside roads in Iceland.

This includes planning, design, construction, maintenance and service of those roads. IRCA is also responsible for ferry operations which are all outsourced to ferry companies.

Effective July 1st 2013, all harbour and lighthouse operations and responsibilities at the Icelandic Maritime Administration have been merged with IRCA.

What’s great about this website, is that is has all the following excellent & useful features on offer:


The Road Conditions and Weather page is extremely useful, as it provides an up-to-date status of road conditions and access options, both nationally (as image below) as well as regionally.

Below shows road conditions for today.



For those of you that followed our previous expedition ICE2015, this was a worrying factor, as the roads were only just beginning to be open and become free of snow and ice by the time we actually landed in Iceland.

See blog article: Iceland Mountain Roads Begin to Open


We will be keeping a closer eye on this road condition map link from now on, as we are get closer and closer to departure date.

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