Iceland Mountain Roads open earlier than expected

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Iceland Magazine Article:

A number of Iceland Mountain (F) Roads have been opened to summer traffic, with the Sprengisandur road partially open, a week earlier than expected.

Kjalavegur, Kaldadalsvegur and Landmannaleið are also open to summer traffic.

However, the roads north of Vatnajökull glacier, named Fjallabaksleið nyrði and Fjallabaksleið, remain closed to traffic.

This is in stark contrast to one year ago, when we were just about to leave for our ICE2015 adventure to Iceland, when a lot of the Mountain F Roads were still closed or impassable, due to unusually late thawing of snow and ice (see ICE2015 Blog Article).


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Most mountain roads remain closed for summer traffic until early July, because of bad conditions.

Please note that the terrain is difficult to travel across and only meant for vehicles equipped with four-wheel drive.

4X4 Only

For further information about the current condition of Iceland’s road conditions, visit IRCA (Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration).

Hopefully, this early opening situation will repeat itself next summer, when we plan to return.

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