ICE2017 Team attend Bilhuset Family Party

Today, Neil, Gunnar, Tuva & Dina from ICE2017 Team, attended BilhusetFamilie Fest” (Family Party) Day, in Forus, Sandnes.



Here, we met representatives from Toyota Sørvest AS, including Ståle Oftedal (CEO Toyota Sørvest AS) and his son Jan Trzos-Oftedal (Sales Consultant).



Three ICE2017 Supporters were also there:


Arctic Trucks

It was nice to once again meet Alexander Ferner (Sales Negotiator, Arctic Trucks Norway), who came over fro Drammen, to represent Arctic Trucks at todays event.

Tuva and Alexander, next to one of the two Dreki Adventures Arctic Trucks, represented at this event.


Alexander and Neil, enjoying the event…

Arctic Trucks is an ICE2017 Supporter – See blog article: Continuous Exploration Sponsor – Arctic Trucks Experience (Iceland)


Dreki Adventures

It was nice to see Mike Herbert there, representing Dreki Adventures, with his legendary 6X6 Toyota Hilux, which created a lot of attention and interest.

Mike, with his Dreki Adventures 6X6


Gunnar, checking out Mike Hebert’s 6X6

Dreki Adventures is an ICE2017 Supporter – See blog article: New Exploration Supporter – Dreki Adventures


Kevin Lunde

Kevin Lunde was there to once again dazzle us with his magic tricks, as one of the event presenters.

Kevin, entertaining the guests, with an excellent “Rope Trick”


Kevin, Performing “Coin Disappearing Trick” for Tuva – really great experience !!!


Kevin, with Tuva and Dina – Great to meet up with him again….


Kevin Lunde is an ICE2017 Supporter – See blog article: New Expedition Supporter – Kevin Lunde (Magician)


We also met Kenneth Hansen there, who is also a local (Sola) Arctic Trucks fan.

It was great to see him with his Arctic Trucks there, as part of the show.


Overall, it was a very nice event to attend, and really good to meet up with old friends, Sponsors and Supporters again.


Neil, trying out the 6X6 driving seat….


Thanks a lot Bilhuset for a great day !!!

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