ICE2017 Route: Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise?

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This weekend, Gunnar and Neil set about the first stage planning for ICE2017 Route.


ICE2015 followed an Anti-Clockwise (Counter Clockwise) route (starting in the East, moving North, then West, then South, returning back to East).
This choice of direction was purely based on logistics and travel arrangements at the time.




Thoughts are to conduct a Clockwise route this time, to experience Iceland “from the other side”.

I Heart Reykjavík blogsite also reviews this question: “Quick Q&A: Should I travel around Iceland clockwise or counterclockwise” which seems to be a FQA for their blogsite.


We will be working on this route plan over the next couple of months, and publish regular updates as we build the plan into a finalized agenda.

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