ICE2017 & Dreki Adventures Cooperation

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Today, Mike Herbert from Dreki Adventures visited ICE2017 Team, to discuss ICE2017 Agenda, offer experienced and quality advice, and discuss options for meeting-up in Iceland during our 5 weeks adventure.



We spent most of the time reviewing the currently proposed agenda route, discussed alternative options, and potential minor agenda changes to improve our experience.



Mike will travel to Iceland with his son Peter during the last week in July, to spend approx. 2 weeks travelling around Iceland with his 6X6 Hilux.

It is hoped that ICE2017 and Dreki Adventures will find the opportunity to meet up and share some adventure together during this period.



Dreki Adventures are an ICE2017 Supporter (see: New Exploration Supporter – Dreki Adventures).

Today, we received the Dreki Adventures logo stickers, to mount on our Expedition Vehicles.



We look forward to the opportunity of meeting up with Mike & Peter Herbert and Dreki Adventures, in Iceland in the near future.


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