ICE2017 Aftermovie – YouTube Release

Since our return from Iceland in August, we have been reviewing and editing, all data sets recorded during our adventure.

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We acquired quite a lot of video film clips, from both our GoPro cameras and various Mobile Phones.


After careful review, Gunnar has edited together some of these video clips, to create a cool 05:38 (5 minutes 38 seconds) after-movie.



This short film provides a quick “taste” of our adventures and experiences, during 6 weeks traveling around Iceland July-August 2017.

Music was generously provided by Expedition Sponsor Magnus H. Tellmann.

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We really hope you enjoy this short film, and of course like & share it with your friends.


To all our Sponsors & Supporters – Once again, thank you for everything, for all your help and support – We really appreciate it….

Read More: Acknowledgements





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