I Heart Reykjavik Crash Course – All Things Iceland

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Recently, we have been taking part in a 5 weeks free / gratis crash course in “All Things Iceland”,
offered by Auður Ösp Ólafsdóttir at I Heart Reykjavik.

The course offers free up-to-date information for anyone who plans to visit Reykjavik in the near future.

All you have to do to receive this 5 weeks free / gratis course, is visit the I Heart Reykjavik website and enrol – It’s well worth it…




All things Iceland – Lesson 4: Speaking Icelandic
All things Iceland – Lesson 5: Visiting Iceland in Winter
All things Iceland – Wrapping things up




We hope to join I Heart Reykjavik on their guided tours, during our next stay in Reykjavik.


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