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We now have 5 months to go, before we set out on our epic ICE2017 adventure.

Once again, it’s been an interesting and challenging experience, and we have learned a lot along the way.

We have also had to invest a lot of time, and a great deal of money, to make all this possible.



What we are still hoping for, is additional companies, organisations and individuals, to become part of our story,
by becoming either an Expedition Sponsor or Expedition Supporter (see: Sponsorship & Donations).


We can proactively promote / advertise / raise-awareness of your Products & Services,
in return for:
Equipment / Marketing-Promotional Goods / Test Products / Samples / Giveaways / Donations / etc.


What we seek is a Win-Win scenario for all.


Everyone that has contributed towards ICE2017 so far, are listed on our Acknowledgement page,
as well as having their company / organisation logo displayed on our website Home Page Sliders (bottom),
and on our Expedition Vehicles (logo stickers).


We still have quite a few items on our Wish List, which would really help us, if you can contribute in any way.


Please feel free to Contact Us, if you wish to help and become part of our epic adventure.

Thank You in advance for your consideration and support – We look forward hearing from you.


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