Girls Begin Iceland Planning

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Tuva and Dina have started to discuss and plan what activities they would like to engage in, whilst in Iceland this summer during ICE2017.


The obvious choices are to repeat some of the great things we did during ICE2015:

Their have both expressed wishes to do more Horse Riding (few different locations around Iceland) if at all possible.


Additional to this, they have expressed interest in possibly also doing / experiencing the following:

  • Spend more time in / around Reykjavík
  • Meet-up with old (Icelandic) school friends (who have moved back to Iceland from Sandnes, Norway)
  • Glacial Experience – Possible Snowmobile trip
  • Experience “live” volcanic eruption – Maybe Katla or Bárðarbunga will not dissappoint (given recent heightened earthquake activities)


We hope to fit in some / most / all of these wishes into our agenda, depending upon the budget allowance and time constraints.

Once we have an agenda and final plan, we will publish it to let you know.


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