Generous Drytech Sponsorship Package Received

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Today, we were very pleased to received our very generous sponsorship package from Drytech AS.

(See previous blog article: New Expedition Sponsor – Drytech AS)



It was really great to receive and open the package, and we are certainly looking forward to using these wonderful food packs during our 5 weeks travels in Iceland.



This is “REAL” fantastic and generous Sponsorship !!!
For which we are truly grateful – Thank You !!!



We received 50 food packs, 5 packs (one for each of the ICE2017 Team) for each of the following 10 flavours:

Meat Soup (Kjøttsuppe)

Fruit Muesli (Fruktmüsli)

Kebab Stew (Kebabgryte)

Chili Con Carne

Couscous with Lentils & Spinach (Couscous med Linser og Spinat)

Cod in Curry Sauce (Torsk i Kremet Karrisaus)

Chicken Tikka Masala (Kylling Tikka Masala)

Pasta Bolognese

Beef Stew (Storfegryte)

Chicken Curry (Kylling Karri)


We will be providing “field test” feedback, with photos, via Social Media links and our daily blogs, as we use them….


We would once again like to thank Drytech AS, and especially Kyrre Jonassen (Sales Manager) and Magnus Melkeraaen (Key Account Manager)
for all their positive help and generous support throughout – Very highly appreciated.


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