Free Expedition Bicycle

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ICE2017 has acquired its first Expedition Bicycle, which was received free (gratis) of charge from the Byttebuå (swap-shop) at IVAR gjenvinningsstasjon Forus (Recycle Station).




The bicycle was in excellent condition (hardly used) upon receipt, with just minor repairs required (2 flat tyres and a few minor tweak / maintenance modifications).




The Bicycle is of the folding travel type, with great flexibility in seat & handlebars height adjustment, allowing everyone on the expedition (adult or child) the opportunity to use this bicycle when needed.

GoPro mounts will be added to this bicycle, as in the case for the ICE2015 (borrowed) expedition bicycle, so that we can record video whilst cycling, and maybe capture some interesting images for our next expedition after-movie.




This additional free kit to our expedition is very well received, and we thank IVAR for operating the byttebuå (Acknowledgements Page), which provided this great opportunity, as well as the unknown generous person that kindly donated the bicycle in the first place…



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