FOR SALE : Expedition Vehicle 1

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Following our return from Iceland in August, Gunnar has been busy repairing, fixing and cleaning Expedition Vehicle 1, ready for sale.


Today, Gunnar published a sales advert on, to begin the sales process.

FINN-kode: 100596790 (




Expedition Vehicle 1 was the first Arctic Trucks car owned by Neil and Gunnar, who bought equal shares in October 2014.

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It will be quite sad to see the “old faithful” Expedition Vehicle 1 disappear.

It’s certainly explored a lot of Iceland in its time…

and provided some fantastic memorable moments and experiences !!!


We hope that a genuine Arctic Trucks enthusiast will take it on, and continues to use it as designed – as an “expedition vehicle”.


Please contact Gunnar directly, via the advert link above, if you are interested in buying.



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