Five Weeks to Go !!!!!

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Once again, it’s been a very busy week, and there is an even more busy period ahead….

With only five (5) weeks to go, it’s getting exciting.

Overall, we have most things in place, and we are virtually “ready to go”.

However, every time we think we have shortened the “to do” list, something always seems to pop-up,
keeping the “to do” list “live and healthy”……..but that’s usual, when organising such a large trip / expedition.



Mega Thanks goes out to everyone that has helped and supported us, throughout this planning and preparation phase.

It’s been really great knowing you are also interested in what we are aiming to achieve, and want to become part of our overall story.

We still seek Sponsorship & Support, and still have an unfulfilled Wish List.

We are still also selling items on to raise cash (see blog article: Continuous Fund Raising Via


If you would like to help us, in some small way, feel free to Contact Us.

We look forward hearing from you – Thank You.


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